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A method for monitoring a GTP communication path in an UMTS/GPRS network as well as a corresponding monitoring system that is connected to the UMTS/GPRS network. The monitoring system comprises means for generating a GTP-C message in the form of a GTP echo request message containing an IP address of the monitoring system as an originating address and an IP address of a node of the UMTS/GPRS network or an external network as a destination address. The system also includes means for transmitting the GTP echo request message to the addressed network node and storing the message transmission time, means of receiving a GTP echo response message sent by the addressed network node as a reply to a successfully transmitted GTP echo request message, and means for determining a round trip time of the GTP echo request/response messages by forming the difference between the time the GTP echo response message is received and the time the GTP echo request message is sent.