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Issued Patents

  1. Device for vacuum treatment of wounds
  2. Thermal dispersion mass flow rate, material interface, and liquid level sensing transducer
  3. Device for polishing workpiece surfaces
  4. LED module, LED illumination means, and LED lamp for the energy-efficient reproduction of white light
  5. Image stabilizer
  6. Dual sensor head configuration in a fluid flow or liquid level switch
  7. Data group paging service
  8. Machine tool
  9. Image stabilizing device and system for telescopic optical instruments
  10. Optical image stabilizer
  11. Chin protector for a protective face shield
  12. Program-controlled machine tool
  13. Method and device for the directional transmission of electrical energy in an electricity grid
  14. Guiding system for machine tools that is held by means of cooling bars
  15. Method and device for operating wind farm power grids with improved data transmission protocol
  16. LED module, LED illumination means, and LED lamp for the energy-efficient reproduction of white light
  17. Machine tool
  18. Computer-implemented method for replacing a data string
  19. Push-to-talk interworking
  20. Pneumatic tool for blowing
  21. Method and set of tools for inserting ferrite members onto electrical filter connectors
  22. Container for disposable sheet items
  23. Tool handling device for machine tools
  24. Method for guaranteeing the quality of services in packet-switching wireless networks
  25. Method of antifungal and antibacterial drying of footwear and an apparatus for electro-drying of footwear
  26. Orthondontic bracket
  27. Modular arrays of primary source mirrors for biomagnetometry
  28. Radiant heater
  29. Method for preventing ping-pong handover in mobile radio networks
  30. Superconducting quick switch
  31. Magnification-varying optical device
  32. Method and system for monitoring a GTP communication path in an UMTS/GPRS network
  33. Sundial for telling solar time and clock time across a range of latitudes and longitudes
  34. Needle holder and suture cutter surgical instrument
  35. Drywall sealing tape
  36. Control panel for machine tools
  37. Container
  38. Method and system for transmitting data on the location of a mobile terminal to a receiver by means of a mobile radio network
  39. Machine tool
  40. Range binoculars
  41. Differential and symmetrical current source
  42. Agapanthus plant name ‘Ponto’s Queen of the Nile’
  43. Vandal resistant pull box
  44. Fire protection sprinkler system and related apparatus
  45. Method and system for supporting service continuity for mobile communication over different access networks
  46. Golf swing and putting stroke training device and method
  47. Directed-flow assay device