Developing a Plan for Employee Departures in California

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If you have employees in California, you will surely face employee departures. This article addresses some of the very important details that employers need to prepare for ahead of such departure time, and attend to when the departure occurs. Developing a Plan for Employee Departures in California

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Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Basics: Guidelines and Estimates

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(Ad) Foreign patent filing can be an expensive and complicated process. The Maxham Firm can guide you through this process with ease while remaining budget friendly and one way to do that is to use the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). While there are many contingencies on which PCT and foreign filing hinge, here are some basics to starting the process, along with some broad investment estimates. There are two primary routes available for filing patent applications in foreign countries.  One route is that you can file directly in each foreign...

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Foreign Filing for Patents and Trademarks

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The Maxham Firm’s Information for Foreign Filing (Ad) There is no such thing as an international patent or trademark; however, there is an ongoing treaty, the 1883 Paris Convention, in which most countries around the world participate to cover international patent and trademark filings. Under the Paris Convention, an applicant has one year after filing a patent application in their home country within which to file in other countries that are members of the treaty. The benefit of this treaty is that the home country filing date is the...

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International Aspects of Patent and Trademark Laws

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Why Hiring a Small Firm for International Business is Valuable Written by: Lawrence A. Maxham of The Maxham Firm (May 2017) (Ad) In a world where commerce in products and services is not limited by national borders, a knowledge, or at least a nodding acquaintance, of how and why Intellectual Property (IP) rights beyond the US boundaries may be significant, or even important, is essential. Over several decades of IP practice on a worldwide basis, I have met and worked with compatriots from many countries. By being involved in national and...

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The Importance of a Professional Patent Search

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This is a well written article about the importance of a professional patent search and is directed to inventors and non-patent attorneys. Close attention is invited to the third and the last two paragraphs. Very often what is immediately apparent to an inventor is not what the situation actually is when assessed by an experienced patent attorney. Patent Searches: A Great Opportunity to Focus on What is Unique Like us on Facebook for real time updates on Patent and Trademark issues....

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What You Need to Know Before You File: The Benefits of a Professional Patent or Trademark Search

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(Ad) A patent applies to a new structure, apparatus, or process that can produce an improved and useful result. Here we are focusing on trademarks. A trademark is a mark used in trade. A mark can be words, symbols, designs (logos), or a combination that, when applied to the products to which they relate, distinguish those products provided by other sources, and indicate the source of origin of those products. Secondary functions of trademarks are to indicate quality and consistency, and they reflect the goodwill of the business that owns the...

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Welcome To The Maxham Firm

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Welcome To The Maxham Firm

Areas of Practice The Maxham Firm provides legal services in the field of intellectual property, specializing primarily in patent and trademark law. The Maxham Firm Patent Attorneys provides legal services in the field of intellectual property, specializing primarily in patent and trademark law. Each attorney is a members of the California bar and are registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The firm was founded in 1984 by experienced patent and trademark lawyers and is based in San Diego. It regularly represents...

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The Importance of Innovation

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This article relates the importance of innovation to the US economy, and how essential patents and the licensing of patents are to the realization of the fruits of the invention. Innovation is a Terrible Thing to Waste

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BREXIT – Changes in the European Union

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  I expect most people who will read this have become tired of the “B”-word in relation to the vote by citizens of the UK on 23 June 2016 to leave the EU, so it will not be used here. It is likely that people who have EU or UK patents and trademarks will, at minimum, be curious as to how those rights/properties may be affected. The Changes to Eventually Occur Changes will eventually occur but nothing will be lost. That does not negate the possibility that rearrangements may involve some costs, but they are unlikely to be onerous. There...

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The Law and Sports

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In this time of nearly continuous political campaigns, we might forget that actual facts and truth are of ultimate importance in the real world. My mentor told me, way back at the beginning of my career, that the practice of patent and trademark law requires extreme attention to detail and eternal vigilance to seek facts and truth. That brings us to sports, and my long connection with baseball. The attached article explores the difference between assumptions based on what “everyone knows,” and the carefully researched truth. This article is...

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