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Patent Law

Our patent and trademark lawyers regularly represent major multi-national corporations as well as individuals.

Trademark Law

The Maxham Firm provides legal services in all areas of intellectual property.


The Maxham Firm provides legal services in all areas of intellectual property.

Civil Litigation

Experienced attorneys who specialize primarily in patent and trademark law.

Our Story

We are a San Diego based patent and trademark law firm serving locally, nationally, and globally based clients since 1984.

The Maxham Firm is an independent law firm which gives you direct access to our experienced attorneys who specialize primarily in patent and trademark law. This direct and personalized access means that our attorneys work with you to deeply understand and help you develop your intellectual property into fully established and legally protected rights. Our experienced patent and trademark attorneys provide full-service IP development, prosecution, and protection. Since we are a local independent law firm we are able to fully focus on each individual client with a thorough dedication which has resulted in the issuance of over 1,850 patents and more than 2,000 registered trademarks.

Our ability to focus on our clients has also given us the ability to develop long term professional relationships, many spanning decades. Support staff members have long standing relationships with The Maxham Firm and have been with the firm ranging from 8 to 18 years. They, too, are fully committed to the firm and its clients, which allows for all employees to know each case on a personal basis. We are there when you need an experienced, hands-on IP Attorney to help with any of your intellectual property needs. The Maxham Firm strives to be a valuable resource in navigating the legal waters to secure and protect your intellectual property rights, applying our attorneys’ in-depth knowledge of the applicable technology, as well as intellectual property law and its legal processes. We invite you to meet with us so we can assist you in establishing your intellectual property rights.

Taking the Next Step

Initial Consultation: Schedule an initial confidential consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys. This consultation will provide you with the opportunity to discuss your invention, idea, new product or service, or anything that you might feel fall under the concept of intellectual property rights. The discussion will include an in depth question and answer session that will give our attorney the ability to help you set up your IP strategy and guide you through what to expect. Contact us to set up an in person or a Zoom meeting and get those important IP questions answered. Schedule Now!

We would be pleased to protect your valuable intellectual property rights. Call 760-975-3843 or email info@maxhamfirm.com to have an experienced lawyer assist you and your business for all of your intellectual property needs.

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