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Written by: Lawrence A. Maxham

Coming up with an invention or trademark is an innovative feat and is an integral component to your businesses success. Whether you are just beginning your intellectual property (IP) journey or have some experience under your belt, the Maxham Firm wants to make sure you are prepared for a potential meeting with an IP lawyer to ensure that communication is quick, clear, and efficient. Below are materials that are helpful for a productive first meeting.

For patents we suggest:

1. For an invention, bring a prototype, or photos if an actual model is not practical. Barring the existence of a prototype, bring descriptive drawings or sketches.

2. A short write-up of what you have invented and how it differs from what has previously existed (we can provide an Invention Disclosure form at your request), and why it is better, cheaper, or faster than what has previously existed.

3. Information on anything you know about that your invention improves over.

For trademarks we suggest:

1. Bring an image of what you envision the trademark to be, if it has any design (logo) aspects at all. Many marks are words, letters, or numbers only and have no logo aspect.

2. Bring a list of various goods, products, or services on which you are using, or intend to use, the mark.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting. You can reach us via email or you can call us at (760)-975-3843 today and we’ll be happy to set up a consultation with you to discuss your next steps. We are available for virtual and in-person meetings.[/column]